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Studio René Bieder’s ‘grotesk superfamily’ Freigeist is a love letter to 19th Century sans serifs

Print, Typeface

THE TEMPLATES: Billboard, Flag, Museum, Poster, Retail, Sign, Stationery available now


Seachange’s identity for OJI harmonises stark typography and joyful, vibrant illustration

Environment, Identity, Packaging, Print

Never Now creates a charming, cordial and considered identity for dog accessories brand Yonder

Identity, Print

Two Degrees Creative displays 200 recycling symbols at online exhibition space

Digital, News

Studio FAX’s minimalistic record sleeve for GREYHEADS draws on the aesthetic of a generic parcel

Digital, Packaging, Print

Andrea Reza produces an elegant typographic identity for Indonesian womenswear label ATS

Digital, Identity, Print

THE INBOX: Five new projects including Northern Escape by Toohey Creative

Identity, Packaging, Print

The Designers: Charlie Jeffries of Alphabetical on learning 3D and finding the right work/life balance


Vanderbrand devises a scalable identity system for the redevelopment of Mississauga’s downtown district

Digital, Environment, Identity, Print