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25AH designs the identity for a Stockholm hotel located in the former home of a master tailor

Hotel Frantz is a family-owned and newly renovated boutique hotel located between Stockholm’s Old Town and Södermalm districts. It’s based in a brick structure that was commissioned by master tailor Frantz Bock back in 1647, making it one of the city’s oldest buildings. The historic elements have been preserved, while the vision for maintaining the legacy of Frantz’s home takes its influences from the outside world and the local environment.

Local agency 25AH was commissioned to brand the hotel and decided to incorporate the story of Frantz Bock and his profession. Their goal was to create a ‘House of Frantz’, mixing influences from fashion with the feeling of a home away from home. The use of materials like gold debossed leather, and details like leather tassels and a custom-made pattern, are essential in conveying the link to fashion. In some instances, typography is positioned around the edge of the canvas as a conceptual interpretation of seams that run along the edges of garments.

An important factor for the client was to have every item feel custom-made, as well as balancing the history and heritage with the fresh and modern. The same ideas were also carried over to the website and photography.

Paper: Gmund Color 55 / Arjowiggins Keaykolour Original Jet Black / Arjowiggins Keaykolour Original Snow White / Munken Polar Rough
Typefaces: Suisse Int’l by Swiss TypefacesTraulha by Bureau Brut

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