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AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone System by AIAIAI & Kilo

The launch of TMA-2 Modular, a headphone system that allows users to build their own, unique headphones based on a wide range of sound, design and comfort options, necessitated a new kind of structural packaging system for the various, interchangeable TMA-2 speaker units, headbands, cables and earpads.

Comprising 20 parts and more than 500 potential combinations, the TMA-2 headphones are mainly sold, selected or configured online at with added presence at select stores in key locations around the world.

AIAIAI needed a solution that could simultaneously service the stock keeping management, and pick & pack solutions for warehouses and webshop, while providing an interesting unboxing experience, as well as a striking in-store presence at discerning retailers like Colette in Paris.


Cushla Whiting by The Company You Keep

La Revolución by Javier Arizu, Carlos Bermúdez, Guillem Casasús & Anna Berbiela