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Akúa by Bienal

Akúa is more than natural coconut products. It is the ‘tropic’s food for the soul’, referring to how Magallanes called the fruit that captivated all of Europe, because of its multiple healthy and heavenly properties.

The brand’s name is inspired by the the four hawaiian gods and the graphic identity is based on the relationship between the natives and this essential and vital fruit.

There are many coconut uses and benefits such as; a high and healthy level of hydration when exercising, its use when cooking, mixing it on spiritous drinks or simply drinking it’s water. In order to celebrate these qualities and more, The Paralian CocoClub was created for all of those who appreciate and share the qualities of this fruit.

Hacienda Cocotera Oxtapacab, is a place where more than 20 years ago this dream was born, where dwarf coconut plants are cultivated for the production of 100% natural products that provide many health benefits and purify the soul.

Text: Bienal

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