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Alex Hunting Studio brands Amy Friend Set Design Ltd with a quiet yet characterful identity system

Cementing the success of simplicity and conciseness, London-based creative agency Alex Hunting Studio have created an exhaustive identity across digital and print for fellow Londoner Amy Friend, a set designer whose practice expands to encompass fashion, film and more. The intelligence of Alex Hunting Studio’s design comes in its balance between function and liveliness; possessing a characterful and expressive nature whilst ultimately being an actively supporting and bolstering counter to Amy Friend’s work. This is achieved not simply through Hunting’s dexterity in crafting an impactful and elemental graphic language, but also in a compelling combination of typefaces. 

“For the project, we tried to create a fun and loose aesthetic by playfully arranging the typography,” Hunting recalls, reflecting the curatorial curiosity of Friend’s output. “We wanted to create a framework to showcase her work that subtly echoes her visual methods in the design,” he adds, choosing Dinamo’s Favorit due to its subtle quirks found within its rigid, geometric form. “The extended version really empathises the little oddities in the type design,” Hunting explains, “and we felt it was the perfect companion to Amy’s work.” Accompanying Favorit Extended is Prestige Elite, a delicate monospaced typeface used to “emphasise the quirkiness of Favorit Extended,” he adds. Although used in a secondary, supportive capacity, Prestige Elite carries considerable character without performing too much; remaining collectively quiet but individually colourful.

Typefaces: Favorit Extended by Dinamo / Prestige Elite by Howard Kettler

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