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Alphabetical’s identity for Five Films For Freedom champions love as a human right

Five Films For Freedom is an annual online short film festival created by the British Council and BFI Flare in support of LGBTIQ+ rights. Running since 2015, it has attracted more than 14 million viewers from 200 countries and principalities, including many parts of the world where homosexuality is criminalised, and in some cases, punishable by the death penalty.

For the 2020 edition, five films in support of topics such as self-expression, homophobia in rural communities and coming out as a teenager, were shown online for free between 18-29 March.

In creating a new identity for the festival, London-based studio Alphabetical found inspiration in the vibrant visual language and strong tone of voice used in globally recognised LGBTIQ+ campaigning. The graphic system centres about a custom typeface, Freedom Sans, designed as a playful yet powerful homage to retro film titles and hand-rendered protest placards. It’s accompanied by a heart icon composed of five stripes, establishing a universal symbol for the festival that champions love as a human right.

Typeface: Freedom Sans

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