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Analogue and digital unite in Studio Goat’s identity for Slovakian film studio BeOnMind

BeOnMind is a Bratislava-based film studio that was founded in 2010 by producer Samuel Vičan. They offer all-in-one video production services, including styling, storyboarding and publishing, for the corporate, commercial and entertainment sectors.

To celebrate BeOnMind’s 10th anniversary, Vičan commissioned fellow Bratislava resident Miroslav Kozel, founder of Studio Goat, to rebrand the company. His solution is a tribute to both pixels and filmstrips, emphasising the intertwining of analogue and digital formats present in BeOnMind’s work.

To represent the imperfect and constantly evolving nature of film, as well the ‘surprise’ of a real movie, the pixels are deliberately misaligned at seemingly random points. The pixel motif is brought into the typography through M35’s Neue Pixel Grotesk, that despite being designed to be paired with Helvetica Neue LT Std 55 Roman, works just as well here with NIZAR KAZAN + CO’s Lausanne.

Typefaces: Neue Pixel Grotesk by M35 / Lausanne by NIZAR KAZAN + CO

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