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Andrea Guccini’s identity for Rassegna B’Est Movie celebrates the Apollo 11 moon landing

Rassegna B’Est Movie is an outdoor film festival organised by the Cineteca di Bologna. It involves 14 towns and cities in the area surrounding the Italian city of Bologna.

As 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, each film at the 2019 festival was preceded by short extracts of newsreels and TV broadcasts of space exploration. This informed the identity by local designer Andrea Guccini, which revolves around an imposing graphic of the moon.

To place emphasis on the graphic, typography is simple and legible, set in Dinamo’s Monument Grotesk. The high contrast colour palette references the deep dark depth of the universe and the gold of MLI blankets found on spacecraft.

Typeface: Monument Grotesk by Dinamo
Print: Black and Pantone 873U

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