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Andrea Reza produces an elegant typographic identity for Indonesian womenswear label ATS

Indonesian fashion label ATS was established in 2009 with the goal “to make simple and sophisticated ready-to-wear garments for active, modern women”. Originally called ‘Agree To Shop’, the brand develops reductive designs derived from founder Regina Rafika’s belief that clothes should be versatile and adaptable.

After ten years of steady growth, Jakarta-based designer Andrea Reza came on board to help ATS prepare for its future. The resulting rebrand aims to elegantly reflect the bold attitude of the label’s target audience through a confident typographic aesthetic. The generously-spaced, delicate logotype is set in Good Type Foundry’s Agentur, which Reza reveals he chose for “its feminine character” and “bold to thin contrast”. He adds that it “embodies ATS as a brand pretty well: modern yet a nod to a long-established array of styles”.

To create tension with the logotype, Reza selected the Bold weight of Dinamo’s popular sans serif Favorit for the remainder of the brand’s typography. Applications are clean yet unpredictable, representing the “active, modern women” and “ATS’s no-nonsense and bold attitude”.

Typefaces: Agentur by Good Type Foundry / Favorit Pro by Dinamo

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