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Andrej & Andrej and khn office combine to brand Bratislava’s Energy Manifest Conference

Energy Manifest is a one-day conference that takes place annually in Bratislava, Slovakia. Speakers from all around the world show data, analyse challenges and offer feasible solutions for the energy sector, focusing on a specific topic each year. The 2019 edition concentrated on energy storage technologies, whose significance has grown considerably in recent years. If we are to move towards carbon neutrality, how we store energy will play a hugely important role.

Local studio Andrej & Andrej was commissioned to brand the festival, with the brief outlining the need to catch the eyes of industry professionals and highlight innovations in both energy storage technology and production. They combined with fellow Bratislava studio khn office, creating a solution based around interactivity and movement.

A vibrant green fills nearly every canvas, which Andrej & Andrej explains was chosen as they wanted the identity “to be as expressive and electric as possible”, as well as for its connection to batteries and green energy. In digital instances, the colour appears as a soft gradient, representing energy moving around within storage. Interactivity is displayed through colour-revealing hover states on the conference’s website and an extensive interactive LED wall at the event itself which changed its content in response to attendees movements.

The centrepiece of the identity is the typeface, Parabole. It’s flipped letterforms perfectly capture the essence of the topic, with Andrej & Andrej adding that they like how it seems “digital in some moments but still elegant at the same time”. As well as looking the part, Energy Manifest Conference was a success – over 400 visitors arrived from around the world to listen to 20 speakers challenge the way we store energy.

Web development: Echt Creative Community
Screen animation: Echt Creative Community
Interactive installation: Ján Šicko
Typefaces: Parabole by ECAL Typefaces / Object Sans by Pangram Pangram Foundry

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