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Artfinder by DesignStudio

We worked with Artfinder, the global online art marketplace, to create a brand to amplify its ambitions. We dived into the art world with immersion workshops to uncover what drives Artfinder, and encourage the group to have different conversations about art. We rediscovered what it means to create art by meeting Artfinder’s represented artists and holding a linocutting session at our studio. From this we crafted the proposition ‘Making Art Work’.

‘Making Art Work’, describes how Artfinder is rebalancing and opening up the art world – making it accessible to all. For customers Artfinder is making owning art a choice for everyone, while ensuring artists can make a viable career from their talents.

Borne from the classic circular stickers that signify that a piece of art’s been bought, Artfinder’s Dot reinterprets the language of the traditional art world. Without a fixed position, it overlaps imagery, colour blocks and text, while constantly scaling, cropping and flexing – the Dot can be expressive to the point of being intrusive.

The Dot isn’t just a dynamic nuisance, it can also be functional. From being an interactive marker that indicates your favourite artworks, through to being the simple, clean signoff to all emails.

Text: DesignStudio

Warimba by Bienal

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