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Base’s campaign for La Monnaie opera house makes a mockery of modern-day parliamentarians

Located in Brussels, La Monnaie is the federal opera house of Belgium. Since the turn of the century, it has established itself as one of the most innovative and vital institutions of its kind in Europe, with productions regularly acclaimed for both their beauty and scale. As Belgium’s leading opera house, it is one of the few cultural establishments to receive financial support from the country’s government.

International studio Base’s work with La Monnaie dates back to 2007, in which they stylishly reinvigorated its brand identity. Since then, they’ve regularly returned to create the opera house’s seasonal campaign and brochure, each year dedicating the visual communication to a specific theme.

For 2020/2021, Base was inspired by La Monnaie Director Peter de Caluwe’s growing preoccupation with the decline of democracy and society’s trust in politics. The visuals are centred around grotesque snapshots of fights between white male parliamentarians, depicting a whimsical yet troublesome mockery of the world’s modern-day drama. Through this approach, the campaign blurs the lines between fiction and reality, with images so outrageous that they could quite easily be paintings or even rehearsed scenes from one of La Monnaie’s productions.

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