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Bespoke by DIA

Moving into their 10th year of business as the fashion industry’s go to boutique retouching company, Bespoke came to us looking for a fresh identity to appeal to their growing commercial clientele while not alienating their roots. It was also important to create a bold visual statement that stood out against their competitors and supported their work.

To address all of the strategic challenges we chose to create a minimal typographic language for the Bespoke identity. We drew a custom display typeface family and logotype that serves as the commanding feature of the identity. It’s design references the mechanical nature of Eurostile Extendedcombined with rounded letterforms found in antique grotesk type styles. The custom typeface behaves best with extremely tight margins which informed a architectural approach to the identity’s typography. As a throwback to the original Bespoke identity we kept the colors black and white, or colour selected to pair with photography, and used a serif typeface as the workhorse for all text.

Text: DIA

Qoñi by Leo Burnett Design