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Boulevard LAB conceptualises an organic cosmetics brand to test its Kale Mono typeface

Sam Glen Hughes established Boulevard LAB in the latter half of 2019 as a home for his contemporary, simplicity-driven typefaces. His fonts are often published in a single weight, allowing them to be tested for any kinks and quirks by the design community before he returns to smooth them out and add additional styles and features.

One such typeface is Kale Mono, a playful monospace created as a precursor to Kale Sans. It uses the latter as a base – collectively stretching, compressing and manipulating each character into a fixed-width system while remaining true to the source material. Its letterforms are a new ‘serif-less’ take on classic typewriter fonts, resulting in a more organic, playful sans style. “As Kale Sans is still being developed we wanted to put out something in the meantime, resulting in the idea for Kale Mono, this was a pretty quick process since we had a pre-existing font to pull from,” adds Hughes.

As an extension of their experimental development methods, the foundry wanted to test Kale Mono themselves using landscapes familiar to the designers that will ultimately use it. The result is ORCO, an entirely conceptual collection of organic cosmetic products that would look at home on the shelves of any boutique beauty store. By exclusively using Kale Mono for the made-up brand’s identity, Hughes tells us that “it became clear how functional the typeface could be. Its distinctive personality elevated the project while remaining neutral and functional”.

Head to to test or purchase Kale Mono and follow @boulevard.lab for news on the release of Kale Sans and other upcoming typefaces.

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