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Brandpad make interactive brand guidelines accessible for everyone with their new website

Launched in 2018, Brandpad is the one-stop-shop for interactive brand guidelines, bringing together the needs of the designer and their clientele into one user friendly, accessible and aesthetically striking platform – from concept to delivery. Brandpad have since redesigned their website, developing an even more cohesive, intuitive and slick space.

“The previous site has done its job quite well, but it was time for us to create a site with more features and more flexibility,” Nicklas Haslestad, Creative Director at Brandpad, tells us, with the site scaling up alongside the company’s growth. Hopefully it provides a better overall experience,” Haslestad adds, explaining “it’s more interactive and aims to keep its function in check with the form of the overall site.” 

This has resulted in an overall greater focus on the actual product itself, needing a site that more greatly reflects what Brandpad offers, as well as the larger scale and functionality it now provides. “Brandpad has gone from start-up to scale-up since the launch of the first site,” Haslestad notes, wanting to give Brandpad the space that did it justice. “We tease out some tools of Brandpad’s own identity,” he adds, “and demo booking and our selection of templates have also been given more focus.”

Importantly, what the website redesign provides is an assurance, and excitement, that what Brandpad offers is something not to be trifled with. “It’s built by designers, for designers,” Haslestad tells us, “we try as much as possible to do designers and agencies good, by serving them a product they really want to use,” something equally mirrored in the product’s pricing system. 

To achieve as much, however, the work behind the scenes was extraordinary, involving a total overhaul of visual systems. Going into detail, Haslestad showcases the attention and care given to the experience when going on the site. “We introduced design principles from the 8pt grid rule,” he adds, “the site now scales into all different sizes the different devices require while maintaining a pixel-perfect rendering,” something typographically applied to the distinct typographic styles of the site. 

Somewhat reinvigorating their identity in the process, Haslestad notes that this came via simplification. “We’ve tried to strip down the identity elements as much as possible,” he explains, leaving just Brandpad Graphik and their monochromatic colour palette. Instead, Brandpad’s redesign drives a greater focus to engaging interactions that are memorable, characterful and fun, such as shaking buttons and 3D hover states.

In the end, Brandpad’s goal is not to take centre stage, but instead act quite the contrary, serving the function of hosting and bolstering the identity of others. “Brandpad is for your brand to soar – not ours,” Haslestad tells us, however, finding the balance between acting supportive and not becoming indistinct. “It makes for a constant interesting challenge to balance,” he concludes.

Check out the website and get started for free with Brandpad’s Starter plan

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