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Is the Brasserie Caserne Brewing Co. the most convincing fictional beer brand ever?

On November 28th 2019, hundreds of guests attended the launch of Brasserie Caserne Brewing Co. The festive night brought together the friends and clients of Montréal-based studio Caserne, with alcohol supplied courtesy of their own fictional beer brand.

The studio mustered all of their creativity and rigour to create a brewery that seemed as real as any other. They created videos, posters, clothing, bags, coasters, growlers, and, of course, cans full of beer. It’s “the official office beer for those bustin’ out windows and kicking down doors”.

A project that had originally started as a well-thought-out festive joke left people wanting more and even sparked the curiosity of beer industry professionals. The 300 beers that they produced disappeared in less than two hours, confirming that the demand is there if the Brewery were to make another appearance in the future.

Brand Film on YouTube
Caserne on Behance

Typography: Coppers and Brasses
Video direction: Parade
Video production: Content Content
Motion Design: Arthur Cloche
Photography: François Ollivier / Marianne Isabelle

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