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The District reimagines Britten Sinfonia’s brand to fit with their unconventional approach to music

Britten Sinfonia is a bold reimagining of the conventional orchestra. Since establishing 25 years ago, they have pushed boundaries by blending genres together to create unexpected merges of old and new music. Instead of relying on the vision of a traditional lead conductor, they bring in a guest artist to shape the sound of each performance.

For their upcoming 2019-20 season of concerts, Britten Sinfonia’s identity has been reimagined by Cambridge-based design practice The District to fit with their unconventional approach. Geometric shapes and large, playful typography converge and collide to create new forms that represent the intensity and diversity of Britten Sinfonia’s approach. The extensive colour and shape palette allows the identity’s character to be dialled up or down depending on the event and age range of its audience.

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