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For 30 years we have regularly seen The Green Dot symbol, however very few of us know its true meaning. Rather than indicating that the product or material it is on is recyclable, it, in fact, means something else entirely. Created in 1990, The Green Dot symbol merely means the company or brand has joined The Green Dot Scheme – indicating a financial contribution made towards a recycling system or causes, but does not mean their product is recyclable or recycled.

Despite the good intentions of the symbol, which appears on more than 450 billion packages every year, it plays a significant role in the contamination of recycling on a global scale. An unclear symbol that contributes greatly to the greenwashing and misinformation spread by financially-led corporations, The Green Dot truly shows the power a symbol can have – in this case for the worse. In simplest terms, it is a brand pay-off for producing products that cannot be recycled.

The knock-on effect for contaminated recycling can be disastrous, with recycling companies having to reject and therefore waste large quantities of goods due to the inclusion of non-recyclable materials. The graphic failure of the symbol is consequently encouraging the opposite of its original ethical objective. It is time for this to change. Change the symbol, change the system.

Following the success of their project Recycle(d), which sought to update the three-decade-old symbol, featuring the likes of Hey Studio and Daan Rietbergen, Two Degrees Creative are now furthering their aim to collaborate for the climate. This time, the collaborative platform are partnering with us at The Brand Identity in setting the brief to redesign The Green Dot Symbol, in order to truly represent its original meaning.

See below for the full details of the brief, and please email your submissions to [email protected].

Symbol meaning
A financial contribution has been made by the brand or company to a recycling system and the recovery of waste in Europe. It merely means the brand or company has joined The Green Dot scheme.

Since 1970, arrows chasing in a cycle has meant recycle or recycled. In 1990, The Green Dot adopted the same graphic motif, with a different meaning.

Redesign The Green Dot symbol with no arrows and no cycle.

Colour variations to supply
White on black
Black on white
Green on white

Typographic wordmark can be included.
The Green Dot
Der Grüne Punkt

Motion executions accepted.

1080 x 1080

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IYA Studio let the materials...