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Corbin Mahieu and co’s exhibition Pas le choix Posters is a portfolio like no other

Graphic design show ‘Pas le choix Posters’, taking place in Nevers’ gallery space Ravisius Textor, is an exhibition featuring over 300 large-format posters all produced by, and displaying the portfolio work of, three pairs of Belgian designers; Tomas Lootens and Valentijn GoethalsCorbin Mahieu and Lennart Van den Bossche and Chloe D’hauwe and Ine Meganck

Having their summer 2020 workshop ‘Never(s) Have I Ever’ cancelled, the group who all hail from Ghent’s LUCA School of Art decided to go down a non-traditional route to exhibit their work, displaying the posters in one large stack in the gallery space’s largest room. Encouraging visitors of the gallery to take the group’s posters away with them, the format dictated that they would have to return in the following days to see more work, unable to view the rest of posters hidden under one another.

In conversation with Corbin Mahieu, he explains that each poster was uniquely made for this exhibition,” including posters of their new typefaces, photographs of themselves, initial rough sketches and even fictional flags. “All of the posters are teasing the portfolios of the graphic designers,” Mahieu recalls, “while also creating a new outcome.”

Along with the work itself, the team also created the exhibition identity; crafting a seemingly self-perpetuating brand which visually explains itself. Mahieu remarks that “you have three different designer duos and therefore three different fonts on the poster,” which are then layered over each other to similarly mirror the layered poster stack in the exhibition which “always teases the next design when somebody rolls it up.” 

In retrospection, Mahieu notes that they are all very happy with the end result, especially given the circumstances. Although they don’t intend on running a second edition of the show, they are intrigued in the possibility to “rethink this amusing experiment.”

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