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CoType Foundry launches Aeonik Pro with a set of modernist, museum-inspired specimen books

First released in 2019, CoType Foundry’s Aeonik is a “neo-grotesque with a geometric skeleton” that was drawn with “clarity and functionality in mind”. While featuring the closed apertures, clean letterforms and tight spacing that are familiar to the grotesque genre, it comes into its own through distinctive 90 degree turns and straight outstrokes.

Aeonik Pro is a new and significant upgrade on the best-selling original, with added Cyrillic and Greek support. CoType Founder Mark Bloom reveals that they made “numerous spacing, kerning and curve refinements” to make the typeface “sharper, tighter and more versatile than ever”. With seven weights ranging from Air to Black, and more than 900 characters, Aeonik Pro is a structural workhorse fit for both large headlines and small scale body copy.

To showcase the typeface upon its launch, the foundry teamed up with Semiotik Design Agency in Greece to create two specimen books. One is a larger A4 publication that showcases the extensive possibilities of the family, while the other is a smaller A6 counterpart that focuses in on its glyphs and sculptural expression. Both take on a museum theme, which Bloom explains “serves the functional form of Aeonik Pro’s design and projects its aesthetic values”. Iconic institutions such as the Bauhaus and Tate Modern are referenced throughout the black, off-white and red layouts, which themselves are in keeping with the refined modernist traits common to the work of both Semiotik Design Agency and Mark Bloom.

The specimen books are available for free alongside all Aeonik Pro Essential and Full Family purchases and can be shipped worldwide.

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