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CoType Foundry’s utilitarian typeface Altform is deceptively rudimentary and brimming with character

London-based CoType Foundry are on a roll following their release of Altform – a sans serif typeface with a family ranging from Thin to Black weights. Somewhat of an underdog, Altform is ultimately simple at first glance, however, its final construction is a striking combination referencing both geometric and grotesque san serifs; culminating in a sophisticated typeface that has neutrality and charming character.

“The challenge was finding the right balance between personality and practicality,” CoType Foundry founder Mark Bloom explains, “in other words, the more personality a typeface has, the less usable it will most likely become.” That being said, however, with full Latin support, 11 stylistic sets, OpenType features and more, Altform is a functional force to be reckoned with – bringing typographic sturdiness and a fully-stocked arsenal to match. 

“I try not to look too closely at other typefaces for inspiration,” Bloom adds, discussing his inspirations behind Altform, “instead I look at specific letters within the alphabet I’m creating and think to myself, ‘how can I make this look unique?’”


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