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Created for and by designers, Brandpad sets a new digital standard for brand guidelines

Highlighting the significance and artistry of brand guidelines, and recontextualising it for the modern age, Brandpad provides the digital space and structure for brands to exist, whilst making all the required deliverables, assets and necessary graphic management easily accessible anywhere in the world.    

With the days of static identities long gone, Brandpad is designed for the here and now, fully optimised for interactivity and moving brands through an incredibly flexible, customisable and intuitive web experience. Doing justice to the variety of content it can house, the design, organisational and management ability of Brandpad has been utilised by some of the creative industry’s heaviest hitters; from Pentagram and MoMA, to Lego and Warner Brothers. 

Designed to save time, money and resources, the consistency and continuity of Brandpad thankfully makes the days of forwarding and sharing the latest PDF guidelines obsolete; reimagining a process that was once iterative as something effortless. “Brandpad is designed to be as easy as possible to use,” Creative Director Nicklas Haslestad tells us, “without compromising on functionality or customisability,” noting the host of features that come as standard, including world-class web security, automatic backups and collaborative benefits – as well as a dynamic range of templates, or the ability to start entirely from scratch.

With a wide range of plans available, Brandpad’s offerings can scale from fully bespoke white-label programmes for larger companies, to free individual starter plans that still provide the same comprehensive core equipment. “It really is for free,” Haslestad explains, “no bullshit.”

Always evolving in tandem with the creative industry, there are exciting things on the horizon for Brandpad. “Multipage guidelines are in progress and soon to be introduced,” Haslestad remarks, “and other features will also constantly be rolled out throughout the next months and years,” concluding, “this is just the beginning.”

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