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The D&AD Annual receives a change of direction courtesy of Richard Turley

Designer Richard Turley, renowned for his reimagination of Bloomberg BusinessWeek and MTV, was given the creative freedom to reinvent the design of the D&AD Annual for its 2019 edition. Each year, the publication showcases the work selected by D&AD as the design and advertising industries finest.

Richard Turley commented: “Previous iterations of the Annual have excelled in graphic design as precision engineering. I wanted this one to feel warm and human. Vulnerable maybe. And a bit dumb.

I spoke to Harriet (2019 D&AD President). We had a chat about the awards, the industry and what we do. I don’t remember all that much about that talk other than bonding over a few of the themes that I guess we developed in the book. The neediness. The doubt and vulnerability associated not just with the awards but with working within the creative industries as a whole. The craving for reassurance and validation all the time. The need for likes on your Instagram post. For views on your video. For a website to write about your work. And if none of those things happen… then what does that mean… Does what I do have value? Is what we do actually important? A lot of that bubbled around. That and the paradox of a lot of socially-minded left of centre creatives providing the (often rather successful) communications for multi-national corporations whose motives they are entirely at odds with.

I don’t mean to imply all of that exists in the design of the book but – without sounding too pretentious – for me, the scrawl is trying to find an equivalence for that – the ghost in the corporate marketing machine. Digitised. Stupefied. Compliant. Powerless. A bit frantic. With a sense of humour. Will be in at work at 9:30 just like I promised. Deck looks great btw. Here are 15 ideas for that banner ad. Do you like them? Do I even like them? What am I doing? Ice age coming. Ice age coming.”


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