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Daily Dialogue refreshes the digital presence of still life photographer and filmmaker Kate Jackling

Kate Jackling has created her own style in the world of still life photography and film through a Bauhaus-inspired elegance and simplicity. Her work explores shape, texture and sculpture through the use of natural materials.

Munich-based creative consultancy Daily Dialogue designed and developed Kate’s new visual identity and digital presence. Her new site showcases her impressive catalogue of work, including commissions from the likes of Vogue Germany, Jo Malone and Wallpaper*. The minimalistic identity, which is entirely set in Storm Type Foundry’s Jannon, places the emphasis on her work whilst remaining playful by embracing contrasting image and text sizes. The site captures Kate’s approach to her work with an inverted hover effect and a user flow that’s built on gestures.

Typeface: Jannon by Storm Type Foundry

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