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Dalton Maag and Wix develop Madefor; a fresh, friendly and informal face for the Wix brand

“We wanted to create a typeface that was distinguishable and better represented our brand and company values,” Hagit Kaufman, Wix’s VP Design & Brand, tells us, “we wanted to tailor it exactly to who we are and our ever-growing needs.” This desire has led Wix, alongside London-based type foundry Dalton Maag, to develop a comprehensive bespoke typeface, succeeding in both giving Wix a facelift as well as having an identity that is more representative of their brand.

Coming in both Display and Text variants, along with their own weights and styles, Madefor is exactly what it says on the tin; made for you. Employing the strength of Wix’s in-house typographic team and the expertise of Dalton Maag, the resulting typeface is incredibly versatile and at the same time friendly, walking the line between utility and charm. Needing to be used across the entire brand, “whether that is a billboard in Times Square or a 10px paragraph in one of our products,” as Kaufman explains, Madefor Display is more immediately striking with wider proportion and heavier contrasts, whilst “the Text family is narrower and looser, making their legibility perfect.” Both versions, however, are as successful as one another – beautifully proportioned with playful, yet sincerely geometric curves and seemingly subliminal asymmetry – particularly lucrative on screens, applied across the entirety of Wix’s UI.

“The process was a joint effort and a labour of love between our two teams that resulted in a finished product we are all extremely proud of,” Kaufman recalls – explaining that it was a very collaborative process the whole way through,” with workshops hosted at Wix’s HQ in order for Dalton Maag to understand Wix’s informal and friendly internal culture. Wix took advantage of this too in the creation of Madefor’s launch videos, all crafted in-house by their 30-strong design team, with individual disciplines spanning motion to illustration and typography to 3D design. “We wanted to make sure that all of our motion designers were able to work with the typeface, and excited about doing so,” Kaufman tells us, “each of them was asked to make a movie, without any real brief, to make sure that was possible,” resulting in an eclectic but cohesive series of videos.

“We didn’t want it to be just another typography video,” Kaufman continues, “we wanted to go above and beyond and celebrate the creativity and talent of our team, while also creating something that had never been done before.” Much like the Wix team and Madefor itself, their launch videos are outrageously cheerful, whimsical and expressive, uniquely showcasing the new face of the brand, as well as the talent behind its creation.

Although Madefor will not be available for public use, Kaufman tells us that they do have some exciting future typographic plans – intending to create further bespoke typefaces to include in the Wix library in addition to considering “licensing existing fonts from up-and-coming independent typeface designers, instead of only working with the more established ‘usual suspects’ of the type world.”

Madefor Launch Video 1
Madefor Launch Video 2

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