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Darkroom by The Bakery

Darkroom is an online concept store inspired by the counter culture, music, the dark side of human nature. The name suggests it is meant for those looking to manifest their inner self through a certain aesthetic of dark urban fashion. The shop is targetting hip, but thoughtful, demanding customers, who are fed up with mass production, over-consumerism, sameness.

We engineered the brand, proposed art-direction for initial phtoshoots, visual language and design principles for all communications both on & offline. Exploiting real darkroom lighting, film-developmnet artefacts, blurs and gradients, we developed a cohesive look and feel for the brand. Extra wide typography is inspired by type found on film rolls, copywriting is tinkering with ideas of self-identification, expression and duality. Our creative direction empowered the client to be creative on their own, try new things, experiment with art direction, language and marketing, but always stay ‘on brand’.

Text: The Bakery

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