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SOME DAYS’ fluid identity for FACULTY embraces the ever-evolving state of masculinity

Through their portfolio of men’s-only grooming products, FACULTY champions the ‘New Wave Masculine’. Beginning with MOSS, a lush green nail lacquer reminiscent of a walk through the trees, they are challenging what exactly it means to be a man; and they’re all for those that don’t know the answer, as it’s the start of the conversation that matters.

During the process of looking for an agency to help with the launch of his brand, Co-Founder Umar Elbably met Oakland-based creative studio SOME DAYS through mutual friendships with Bolt and AUFI. “Umar and I immediately clicked after meeting”, SOME DAYS Creative Director Steve Reinmuth tells us, “they were trying to do something bold and new, and we wanted to be a part of it”.

Commissioned to develop FACULTY’s brand strategy, naming, visual identity, copywriting, packaging, photo art direction and website, SOME DAYS’ concept stems from the ever-evolving, multi-faceted state of masculinity. They started with the name, which Reinmuth reveals “came from the idea of turning traditional hierarchies and exclusive clubs on their head”, while “its dual meaning as ‘an inherent physical or mental power’ was also spot on”.

The resulting identity system emphasises the dialectical relationship between strength and vulnerability. “We made the brand super-expressive and colourful but also self-aware of its choices of expression just as we pick the clothing, or hair colours, or nail colours that define us”, Reinmuth explains. Instead of revolving around a single visual solution or mark, the identity stands against tradition and expresses individuality through a multitude of ‘F’ letterforms. It echoes the way men can express themselves, from those regularly wearing nail polish to first-timers and everyone in between. “We explored tonnes of ‘F’s and landed on a healthy balance of custom marks and letterforms pulled from typefaces that we couldn’t ignore”, Reinmuth explains, with Benoît Bodhuin’s ‘Pickle’, Klim Type Foundry’s ‘Maelstrom’, and Out of the Dark’s ‘Blitz’ making up three of the initial ten.

The ‘FACULTY’ wordmark, as well as the bulk of the brand’s typography, is set in Grilli Type’s GT Zirkon. Chosen for having a “great balance of historical and contemporary cues that mix to create something new”, Reinmuth tells us that they also fell in love with how “sharp and expressive the lighter weights are”. Unapologetic and bold in application, it’s used alongside Forgotten Shapes’ Kleukens Egyptienne, a historic serif that would feel at home in a vintage school yearbook. 

The typography comes together with an unexpected colour palette, intimate photography and a challenging approach to layout to form an identity system that celebrates individuality while questioning traditional masculine cues and tendencies.

Typefaces: GT Zirkon by Grilli Type / Kleukens Egyptienne by Forgotten Shapes / Maelstrom by Klim Type Foundry / Pickle by Benoît Bodhuin / Blitz by Out of the Dark
Photography: Antonio Chicaia / David William Baum / Micaiah Carter / Ryan Duffin Kaleb Marshall

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