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Depop by DesignStudio

Depop is an online marketplace where the new generation of digital natives, young entrepreneurs and style icons come to not just buy and sell, but explore and influence. We worked with Depop to realise its ambitions to go much further than the successful marketplace it has built. To become a cultural phenomenon, the go-to place for hyper creatives. During our immersion we learnt that Depop wasn’t just a shop. It was an ethos – a mindset.

To bring the strategy to life, copy takes centre stage. We defined a tone of voice that articulates the attitude, confidence and cheek of the brand and its community – with headlines that subvert accepted language and functional copy that is unapologetically playful. Looking to the world of quick and democratic design, we have created a bold, brash and vibrant colour palette with a loose layout. The typeface, GT America, is uncompromising and unmistakable, with the ability to stretch for any piece of communication. The new logotype embodies the playful spirit of the brand – with inverted letters it’s bold but not too serious.

Text: DesignStudio

CO-OP by Bryan Chu

Velvet Coat by Kiku Obata & Company