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Desafía by Folch

Desafía, formerly known as Spanish Tech Center, is an accelerator programme that facilitates the successful launching of Spanish tech companies in the USA. After a successful rise since launching in 2011, Desafía required a new brand identity in order to evolve from a San Francisco based start-up to a global community of entrepreneurs, mentors and companies. They worked with Barcelona based studio Folch to rethink their brand from the beginning.

The first step was the name change. Unlike Spanish Tech Centre, Desafía, which is based on the concept of ‘challenge’, is a recognisable Spanish word. The new logo and supporting graphic language references the buttons of digital language, communicating the brand’s association with contemporary technology and the online environment. The black, grey and white palette help to maintain simplicity, with the vibrant red used sparing for key highlights.

Typeface: Sneak by TIGHTYPE
Illustration: Camilo Huinca


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