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DesignStudio’s energetic identity for Go1 champions the power and potential of online learning

Go1 is the world’s most extensive eLearning library. Through a flexible subscription model, they offer thousands of on-demand online corporate courses from global training providers. Backed by Microsoft, they’ve transformed professional leaning into an agile and ever-evolving experience.

As a result of constant growth since launching in 2015, Go1 found the time was right to redefine its brand strategy and appearance. “As we’ve grown from four co-founders to a team of over two hundred people, there’s not previously been a real chance to pause and consolidate how we describe what we do in an intentional manner”, says CEO Andrew Barnes. 

They enlisted the help of DesignStudio Sydney, who through extensive research, developed the brand proposition ‘Learn Athletic’ – which they describe as “a call to arms to make learning a part of the everyday routine, helping individuals, teams and businesses stay ‘fit’ for the future”.

Visually, DesignStudio set out to move away from stereotypes associated with corporate learning, such as bland conferences and tedious reading. Instead, the identity they created speaks to the energy and potential that education can unlock. A connected system of blocks, reminiscent of messaging bubbles, provides the core visual language. Creative Director James Gilmore reveals that they “represent the way which the Go1 platform connects learning content for users”. The new logotype, which feels technical in form, is intended to feel “clean and contemporary while injecting personality into a short set of letters”.

To champion the human side of the learning journey, DesignStudio collaborated with Chilean artist Camilo Huinca on an energetic series of character illustrations. They come together in application with digital-first colours and sharp serif typography to form an identity system that feels fresh within a traditionally corporate industry.

Typeface: Victor Serif by KOMETA
Illustration: Camilo Huinca

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