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DKNY by Commission

Led by the vision of Creative Directors Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow and Chief Image Officer Hector Muelas, Commission have designed the new visual identity for iconic New York fashion house DKNY.

From the logo to the visual spirit, the whole brand has been reimagined and realigned, taking a dynamic shift into more creative and directional territory to create the contemporary uniform for moving forward.

Using the brand’s strong bond with NYC as a foundation, the new ethos closely focuses not only on the spirit of the city, but DKNY’s relationship with their girl – understanding her journey, her desires, her roles.

The new branding celebrates these aspects through a word mark and logo motif that creates a visual metaphor of a road – an ongoing journey. Often represented by continuous ribbon, the logo physically weaves through hang tags, invitations, shopping bags, receipt wallets, and brand collateral.

Graphic and bold in its form, but tactile and sensuous in application, the logo also aims to represent the conflicting sides of New York; caviar and pizza, limos and taxis, ball games and broadway.

The inherently American typeface Franklin Gothic was selected for the typographic language as it is both familiar and new due to its ubiquitous grotesk forms mixed with its distinct calligraphic idiosyncrasies.

Together with DKNY, we have aimed to deliver the foundations of an identity that will evolve and grow over time. A monochromatic canvas to launch a colourful new identity and the starting point for an ongoing conversation with an intelligent new consumer.

Text: Commission

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