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Dolan Sports Management by Branch

Paul Dolan approached Branch with a goal to manage the careers and wealth of elite athletes, while financing sports facilities for the underprivileged. With an emphasis on financial expertise and ethical management methodologies, Branch defined a name, story and created an identity that would provide a platform for Dolan Sports Management to approach some of the largest clubs and sporting associations in the world.

The Dolan ‘arch’ is inspired by the personalised shirts of professional sports men and women. Each player wears their name with pride, it is a symbol of being elite, chosen and part of a team moving towards the same goal. The bespoke logotype, based on the forms of Gotham, nods at the futuristic and dynamic aesthetic of modern sporting brands whilst retaining a professional and elite character and angled details create movement, forward motion & speed. Branch created an set of logos that would retain its unique personality and remain consistent across a multitude of different outputs.

The choice of a mono palette coupled with a fluorescent green accent colour creates a sophisticated and powerful image across the stationery, intricate detailing with white foiled business cards and painted edges informs a high-end and prestigious aesthetic. For colour all we had to do was look down, inspired by the grass fields and courts that are the foundation of most sporting events.

With its prospective clients constantly on the move, travelling from training ground to sports arena to home, the responsive website is designed to look as good on the move as it does from home. We created a responsive website with a seamless experience across a multitude of devices that provides up-to-date information.

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