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Drikolor by Inhouse

Using patented technology adapted from the pharmaceutical industry, Drikolor has developed a process to produce dry, granulated pigments that disperse easily when combined with a liquid. Drikolor pigment is mixed into a standard base paint onsite by the end user rather than at the point of purchase. Mixing is quick and easy, and can be done without the need of a paint shaking machine – a simple spatula is all that is required to stir the colour into the base paint.

Drikolor is a technology brand that represents the unique technology and delivery system. Other retail paint brands and designers can apply their existing brands to create their own range using the system. Several such ranges have been developed including Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, Dwell® in the United States and the ColourMaster brand in New Zealand. The bespoke bottle designed by Jamie McLellan is made from Carbon Capture™ non-petrochemical plastic. All three sizes utilise the same neck form and closure, adding some economy to production and a nice visual uniformity.

The project encompassed strategy, naming, visual identity, photography and packaging as well as and collateral for retail and business communications.

Text: Inhouse

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