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DutchScot devise a dynamic identity system for London-based interior design studio Littlemore

London-based design studio DutchScot have once again produced an ultra-considered and charming visual identity system – this time for Sameena Singh’s London-based interior design studio Littlemore. The reference of Littlemore’s endeavour to find a harmony between opposing thematic forces, such as tradition, modernity, excess and minimalism – quite literally ‘little’ and ‘more’ – is found in DutchScot’s exquisite use of typographic balance. Highlighted through the use of justified, edge-to-edge, typographic layouts, DutchScot’s work distils an airy aesthetic; a featherweight feeling that gives both the audience and Littlemore’s work space to breathe. 

The hero typeface used to command this buoyancy is Commercial Type’s Portrait – a stern but simultaneously animated typeface that very much distils tradition and sophistication to contrast the arrestingly contemporary application of shape, colour and motion laying at the core of the identity. The shapes in question take the flexible form of Littlemore’s ‘L,’ a letter that not only references the studio’s initial but also acts as a grounding device; strongly framing the brand and its content in a dynamic and malleable manner. 

Dancing among a wonderful range of contrasting colours, Designer Jess Sutherland explains how the palette was determined through a lot of trial and error. “We wanted to tread the line between contrasting and complimentary, creating interesting pairs that were specially selected to work together,” she recalls, creating a set of combinations that are both easy for the client to apply and broad enough to represent the range of work created. This being said however, Sutherland concludes “we like that as the animation transitions there are these incidental colour combinations that also appear fleetingly,” resulting in a visual identity that reflects the nature of the company itself; conversant, contemporary and charismatic.

Typeface: Portrait by Commercial Type

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