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DutchScot’s identity for Hungry Worms draws on library cards and publishing classics

Hungry Worms is a heart-warming programme, initially to be found in London coffee shops, that seeks book donations. Once collected, these books begin their journey by being handed to carers who temporarily pass the novels on to those who have dementia before going back into circulation. 

Working pro bono due to their commitment to the cause, London-based studio DutchScot developed the identity, strategy and copywriting for Hungry Worms, a lovely example of an identity crafted within limitations. Due to an extremely restricted budget, and printer Gavin Martin producing the printed matter at no-cost, aesthetic decisions were made to reduce the overhead; such as only using black ink.

DutchScot designed the identity with heavy literary inspiration and a foundation of strong typographic sensibilities. Using coloured paper referencing library cards and setting the entire project in the literary typographic classic Plantin, these traditional bookish elements are delightfully complemented by an illustrated ‘book worm’. The recurring character is drawn in a fun and contemporary style that provides texture, depth and flexibility to the brand, truly bringing the identity to life. 

These book worms are found in each publication in circulation alongside a library card that is punched with every read. The faces of the book worms are entirely constructed of typographic glyphs and change expression depending on the genre of the novel. These wonderfully pleasant and joyful characters appear throughout the ephemera of the identity; from the posters placed in coffee shops that encourage donations to Hungry Worm’s hypnotic online animations. The end result is an identity that feels friendly and cosy; producing a charming initiative that sets out to put some more good into the world.

Typeface: Plantin by Frank Pierpont
Print: Gavin Martin

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