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Eden Marsh x You by Forth Studio

We’re proud to feature ‘Eden Marsh x You’, a branding campaign conceptualised and designed by Forth for Eden Marsh, a top London creative recruitment agency. Eden Marsh is a creative recruitment agency with an intelligent and honest approach, working closely with their clients and candidates to find the right fit. They approached Forth to create a campaign that would illustrate the unique working relationship they have with their network, knowing that it’s no longer enough to say what you do, you have to prove what you say.

A collaboration between Eden Marsh and their network, ‘Eden Marsh x You’ is comprised of a poster campaign and an updated bespoke website. Featuring artwork by a selection of designers, illustrators and art directors that were challenged to produce their own visual interpretation of collaboration using Eden Marsh brand colours – black, white and grey, ‘Eden Marsh x You’ emphasised the collaborative relationships that form the basis of Eden Marsh.

Text: Forth Studio


Paco Rabanne by Zak Group