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Ensemble’s identity for digital product company NOW explores constant shifts of information

NOW is a digital product company that helps health and wellness brands embrace new technologies, platforms and cultures. They “make acts not ads” and turn ideas into real things using a “new philosophy of communication” called ‘Branded Utility’. From their HQ in Madrid, they work for clients throughout Asia, Europe and the US alongside global communications group HAVAS.

Manchester-based agency Ensemble was tasked with rebranding the company to give it a fresh impetus. The name alone evokes transience, so they explored constant shifts of information as an overarching concept. The resulting design system revolves around a series of ‘lenses’, setting them against the past (insight, learnings), the present (innovation, harnessing the moment) and the future (the unknown, output). The intensity of the system changes depending on the subject matter and audience at hand.

NOW’s previous identity successfully incorporated a flexible, interchangeable ‘O’ holding device. As a result, Ensemble decided to keep it in principle but reinterpret it from a refreshed and refined angle.

Typefaces: Aktiv Grotesk by Dalton Maag / Times New Roman by Monotype

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