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This exhibition designed by Barcelona-based studio Forma celebrates Spain’s best designs of the year

Barcelona’s Foment de les Arts i del Disseny, or FAD, is a non-profit association of Spanish design professionals and businesses. Within FAD, there are five associations representing the different creative disciplines, such as ADG-FAD for graphic design and ARQUIN-FAD for architecture and interior design.

Every year, FAD holds an exhibition showcasing the winners and nominees for every award given by its associations. For the 2019 edition of the awards, they organised a pitch process from which the winner would be selected to design the exhibition system and its accompanying campaign. Partnering with Sarquella + Torres Architects, local studio Forma passed the portfolio selection and won the final pitch.

Their concept embraces FAD’s colour palette and logo-as-window approach; and adds a layer of playful typography to give the event its own distinct identity. The bold and functional system complements the work by¬†Sarquella + Torres Architects, that was required to be: flexible, reusable, easy to store and easy to assemble. By using trestle-based furniture, they created a modular system that met all these goals.

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