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fagerström’s identity for wedding photography studio cérémonie balances flair with elegant minimalism

cérémonie is a boutique wedding photography and video studio with a part-documentary, part-editorial style. It was initially founded in Barcelona in 2011 as ‘The Love Studio’ by professional photographer Andreea Muscurel, before relocating to Toronto a few years later.

The studio’s primary purpose is to create ‘timeless and soulful’ images that capture incredibly important moments. They do this by developing intimate, trusting and authentic relationships with their clients, allowing couples to feel total comfort while around their photographers.

Madrid-based design studio fagerström redesigned cérémonie’s visual identity to help them stand-out as newcomers in the highly-competitive Canadian photography industry. The centrepiece of the new look is the whimsical logotype, which features a flipped ‘é’ as a reference to the inverted nature of a camera lens. It’s typeset in a custom version of Sharp Type’s calligraphy-inspired serif Ogg, using its bold weight in a lowercase-only styling to portray a friendly and approachable character. The typeface is similar in feel to many classic English fonts, but its added flair and swash make it an ideal representation of an occasion as extravagant as a wedding.

In application, the brand mirrors the elegant minimalism often found in high-end fashion editorials. The visual language balances typography, image and negative space, giving Cérémonie a recognisable voice while allowing the photography to speak for itself.

Typeface: Custom version of Ogg by Sharp Type

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