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Familia’s ‘Me, Us, Everybody’ campaign adds emotion to Barcelona’s fight against COVID-19

Translated from Catalan to mean ‘Me, Us, Everybody’, Barcelona City Council’s ‘Jo, Nosaltres, Tothom’ campaign highlights the personal efforts that must be taken in the city to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while promoting a sense of community. Local studio Familia led the design alongside Barcelona City Council’s Creative Director Nacho Padilla, together building an emotional, compelling and straightforward narrative around the three functional measures required to keep the virus at bay.

As a result, three messages, “I clean my hands”, “we keep distance” and “everybody wears masks”, are represented by a set of stylish yet practical illustrations, making the instructions easy to understand. Having designed the signage and communications for the city throughout the pandemic, Familia decided to repurpose the iconographic language they’d created in collaboration with fellow Barcelona-based studio Forma for a previous campaign titled ‘COVID-19 Hygienic Measures’. Familia Founder Aleix Artigal explains that the “very synthetic aesthetic” of the illustrations made them “perfect for this city campaign”.

The typography follows Barcelona City Council’s brand guidelines by using Lineto’s reliable sans serif LL Akkurat, as the studio decided it was the right fit for the straightforward, transparent nature of the campaign. Artigal tells us that “the work is closer to instructions than a classic city campaign”, resulting in an approach, that while looking aesthetically sound, places function and communication at the forefront.

Concept: Familia and Nacho Padilla
Typeface: LL Akkurat by Lineto
Illustration: Forma
Animation: Gimmewings

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