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Firstleaf by Apartment One

Firstleaf is a one-of-a-kind service that tailors wines selections to your personal taste and offers a smarter way to discover wines you’ll love. They bring hard-to-find gems from around the world and reserve these exclusive, small-batch wines for their members. Each bottle is not only the best; it’s the best for you because they select only custom wines from the world’s greatest vineyards and match them to your tastes.

We worked with co-founders, Philip James and Erik Steigler to design the end-to-end online experience and the core visual brand identity. The target audience for the service is an older sophisticated wine connoisseur and a younger wine enthusiast. With this broad user base, the service required an extremely accessible design system. We focused on mobile first with a simple, yet elegant interface designed to increase engagement. We wanted to humanize the product recommendation engine and put the emphasis on micro interactions and a distilled set of core user tasks.

The visual brand identity was designed to represent the best-of-breed product, curation, and service that the company offers while also showcasing it as an aspirational and trusted brand. The logotype is a customized wordmark in which the lowercase ‘i’ also reads as a numeral ‘1’ and nods to the name of the service. The triangle logo visually symbolizes a bunch of grapes and represents the unique service differentiator of six bottles (instead of the traditional case of twelve) that are featured in every box shipped.

Text: Apartment One

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