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Fook rebrands fashion boutique George C. in a tranquil display of friendliness and sophistication

Being one of Toronto’s oldest and well-established luxury fashion purveyors, George C. takes pride in the curation and consideration of their elegant collections. In need of a rebrand to cement their philosophy in coveting quality over flashy brand tags, the company approached brand agency Fook, based in both Toronto and Edinburgh, resulting in a welcoming identity that exudes a fundamental sense of luxury and sophistication.

Beginning with their choice of primary typeface, Partner at Fook Tiah Khuu tells us “we felt GT Walsheim was a great typeface to match the lettermark we designed,” adding that “we certainly had the typeface in mind while designing the lettermark for that reason.” Satisfyingly exploiting the typefaces contrasts of rigid geometry and expansive circular features, GT Walsheim’s tone of voice matches the cordial nature of the brand that remains so important to George C. “At the end of the day, despite the stigma that high fashion has for its pricing and the often ‘above your head’ culture associated with it,” Khuu explains, “The Corbo family (the ‘C’ in George C.) were humble, welcoming, true to their craft,” adding, “and only cared about putting the best fashion out there.” 

In showing support for not just high fashion but more affordable brands as well, the new identity conveys a truly welcoming tone. “Even if you couldn’t afford the price points of the store,” Khuu explains, “they welcome everyone to partake even if it was just to have an espresso and talk clothing.” This is correspondingly reflected in the welcoming, muted hues of the selected colour palette; where the use of earthy brown shades reflect a tranquillity and sophistication whilst also referencing the tactility of leather – a material found across the stores.

Typeface: GT Walsheim by Grilli Type
Photography: Vita Cooper
Model: Shania Amanika

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