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ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_023 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_021 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_016 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_012 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_013 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_015 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_031 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_019 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_020 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_028 ForthandBackStudio_DreamsofNewYork_030

Forth + Back document their obsession with New York through images from Google Earth

Dreams of New York evolved out of California-based studio Forth + Back’s ongoing love affair with the USA’s East Coast, specifically New York. They explored the streets of the city through Google Earth and after becoming fascinated with what they were seeing, decided to document the strange, frozen images of life they were discovering.

Forth + Back founder Tanner Woodbury states that “The inspiration for this project came about after I had stumbled across a group of skateboarders on the streets of Tribeca while perusing Google Earth for some forgotten reason. The carefree and rebellious nature of this large posse of kids simultaneously sparked a memory of both my youth, as well as my love for the foreign land that is New York. This haphazard flash of a moment lead me to think, ‘how many other moments like this must be trapped in time, never to be fully experienced?’”

The coffee table book serves as a photolog of the Big Apple that functions like a strange time capsule filled with moments that aren’t clearly fact or fiction. Over the books 200 pages, there are 166 images that were taken through Google Earth over the course of three years, and the project will continue to grow, with the latest images being showcased online.

Typeface: Reckless by Displaay Type Foundry
Size: 228.6mm x 304.8mm
Pages: 200
Print: Paper Chase Press
Cover: Natural white linen with black foil stamp

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