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Freek’s Mill by Jason Rothman

Freek’s Mill is a restaurant in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It’s on the site of an actual grist mill of the same name that stood there back in the day. Obviously, the neighborhood has changed a bit since then and they wanted something clean and modern, but warm with a bit of a wink. With this in mind, I created the logo mark, which is a minimalist and geometric representation of the mill and custom type to accompany it. The form and feel of the mark inspired the rest of the brand system including a full set of icons and patterns. These were used throughout the menu system, including a custom leather and brass beverage list book and food and dessert menus that could be easily updated by the staff each day as the menu changes. If you’re ever in Gowanus, check it out and tell ’em I sent you.

Text: Jason Rothman

Perdisacca by Sandro Dujmenovic Design Studio

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