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After six editions, 220,000 participants, 30,000 poster submissions and 120 events, Graphic Design Festival Scotland is making a change. Building on their collective experience, knowledge and network, its Glasgow-based founders Warriors Studio are launching a new, broader organisation. Under the moniker INTL, the festival’s doors will open beyond graphic design to include art direction, photography, film, storytelling, branding, strategy, advertising, type design, animation, illustration, art, fashion and more. “Over time, everybody who attended and took part in Graphic Design Festival Scotland helped inform and sculpt the programme, and we hope to take this further with INTL”, explains founder James Gilchrist.

“Does it matter with who or how posters are created?”

Those that have attended previous editions can expect enhanced versions of familiar events alongside several new opportunities suitable for both fresh-faced students and seasoned industry veterans. Beginning in 2021, INTL will aim to celebrate, showcase and inspire creatives through three key pillars. The first, International Assembly, will offer a programme of conferences, workshops, socials and exhibitions, making it the most natural successor to Graphic Design Festival Scotland. Not restricted to a particular set of beliefs from one culture or location, it will champion a diverse, global way of thinking, working and interacting.

Secondly, the festival’s famed poster competition, which has received over 30,000 submissions from 107 countries since 2014, will be openly accessible to all disciplines for the first time. Gilchrist reveals that “in reality, the competition has never been restricted, but now we’re communicating that more publicly. Does it matter with who or how posters are created? Whether it’s a photographed installation, a piece of 3D sculpture, hand-drawn illustration or purely hardcore typography, posters in all of their forms and glory are exciting and important to us”.

“We hope to celebrate people within our international community.”

Last but not least is the International Creative Awards, which will provide fair opportunities for all, big agency or small. “From our perspective, as designers at Warriors, we see awards as quite corporate, often inaccessible, and reserved for larger agencies”, Gilchrist explains. “Perhaps this is our misconception, but if we feel that way, we’re sure others will too. We’re hoping to change that with INTL and offer something different so designers of all sizes feel they can compete. We hope to celebrate people within our international community, not just the big agencies working on more ‘visible’ projects. We’re also looking at developing the model of awards; how projects are entered, categories, the finances, the value of taking part and everything else. If anyone is interested in being a part of this conversation, we’d love to hear from you.” 

More will be announced in the upcoming months, with the inaugural INTL scheduled to take place in the Spring of 2021. For regular updates on this exciting new chapter for the festival, make sure to bookmark and follow on Instagram.

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