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GeneralPublic’s identity for Pierre Yovanovitch’s Love exhibition captures the romantic theme of his work

Love is a furniture collection by French interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch that consists of exquisitely crafted bear-shaped armchairs, red lip cushions and more. An exhibition at New York gallery R & Company led guests through an unfolding narrative centred around an imaginary recurring character in his work called Miss Oops. The gallery was transformed into multiple domestic scenes that symbolise the emotional evolution of the Miss Oops’ character: starting in the parlour, leading to the dining room, then the boudoir, and ending in the bedroom.

To accompany the exhibition, Paris-based design studio GeneralPublic created an identity that revolves around oversized lips and anthropomorphic silhouettes of the furniture. Its graphic centrepiece is the fold-out bright red catalogue, which is beautifully silkscreened with a pastel pink. One of the challenges that GeneralPublic faced was to design the identity in-line with the production schedule of the collection. Only a dozen pieces could be photographed as some of them were not completed in time for the photoshoot. Therefore the entire collection is represented by abstracted silhouettes that appear both individually and in the form of a ‘family photo’.

Yovanovitch worked with woodworkers, ceramists, ironworkers, glassmakers and upholsterers to create the chairs, sofa, tables, cushions, rug and bed frame that make up the Love series.

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