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Globetouch by Bunch

Owned by operators, Globetouch offers access to cloud-based global ecosystem for mobile devices. With offices all over the world and datacentres in six locations, their network is extensive. This enables Globetouch to provide connectivity for a wide range of devices and operators. Bunch created a new identity which spans across a large number of applications, including brand guidelines, print collateral and online presence.

Logotype construction – The arms on letters ‘G’, ‘e’ and ‘c’ are custom cut at an angle of 23 degrees, inspired by the axial tilt of the Earth. Subtle arrow within the letter ‘G’ is inspired by the rotating motion of the Globe and it provides continuity with the previous Globetouch symbol.

Colour palette inspiration – Being ‘The Explorer’ brand, Globetouch colour palette is inspired by The Arctic tern, a seabird of the tern family, Sternidae. The species is strongly migratory, seeing two summers each year as it migrates along a convoluted route from its northern breeding grounds to the Antarctic coast for the southern summer and back again about six months later. These are by far the longest migrations known in the animal kingdom.

Icons enable users to navigate tasks and ideas with intuition, speed and ease. Simple and geometric, Globetouch’s icons work equally well both as tools and as expressions of our brand. Globetouch’s information language is derived from and inspired by the binary code. Ones and zeroes are replaced with lines and circles in order to create a device which is used when designing information effectively. The photographic style of Globetouch should reflect the brand. Visionary, exploring and challenging with honest realism. Warm and seductive tones, with images that inflict thoughts of travel, exploring and data.

Text: Bunch

Michael Hekmat by Dmowski & Co.

Yuta Takahashi