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Goods create a packaging system for Metode, a medicinal brand with over 100 products

Goods were tasked with creating an identity and packaging system for Metode, a brand by Norway’s leading pharmacy chain, Apotek1. The signature private label brand will grow to include over 100 products by 2021 and will be sold in over 400 stores. The first product categories to launch are Vitamins & Minerals, Fertility and Special Care.

Goods’ design system takes cues from Apotek1’s long medicinal history by referencing modernist pharmaceutical packaging from the ’50s and ’60s through sans serif typography and a strict grid system. The two-stripe system is clear and flexible and will stand-out on supermarket shelves due to its simplicity.

While Norway has a nationwide home recycling programme for plastic, the pharmaceutical value chains and the category’s strict regulations make it challenging to find new ways of packaging products sustainably. As a studio that focuses on circular design, Goods have made the first steps to ensure the Metode range will be packaged in more sustainable materials as it continues to grow.

Goods is a Heydays venture and designs brands and packaging for people and planet.

Typeface: Söhne (unreleased) by Klim Type Foundry

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