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Grávita’s bendy identity for fitness brand Klimb reflects the fluid elasticity of traditional gymnastics

Based in Madrid, Klimb is a high-performance fitness studio, personal training method and hyper-wellness brand that utilises techniques from traditional Swedish gymnastics to offer solutions for the body and mind. To better communicate their ability to train clients in private or public sessions wherever they’re located, they employed local brand consultancy Grávita to provide them with a transparent, efficient and characterful identity system.

Grávita set out to develop a brand capable of existing as coherently within student residences, hotels and large companies as fitness spaces, with the clarity and minimalism typical to Swedish culture in mind. The resulting identity system revolves around a bespoke typeface named Klimber Regular, which with Displaay Type Foundry’s Roobert as its base, reflects the fluid elasticity of traditional gymnastics. “Roobert was one of our first choices as it has some characteristic details,” Grávita’s Cristina Giménez explains, “the rounded corners on characters like the lowercase ‘g’ provides the identity with a contemporary and organic approach.”

The ‘I’ of the typeface acts as a container for brand imagery, which Giménez defines as “empowering people and how they relate to the exercise without being predictable or cliché.” Instead of sticking to one colour, the studio developed a multi-faceted palette inspired by Nordic interior design. With the ability to dial-up and down in brightness, the colour palette “evokes the states of mind a person experiences throughout different activities” and provides Klimb with an aesthetic that feels inclusive compared to the often masculine tones of the gym industry.

Typefaces: Klimber Regular by Grávita / Roobert by Displaay Type Foundry

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