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Greenspace’s custom ampersand for Pilbrow & Partners highlights the practice’s focus on collaboration

Pilbrow & Partners is a London-based team of 70 architects and urban planners, established in 2013 and led by partners Fred Pilbrow, Tal Ben-Amar, Keb Garavito Bruhn, Sam Yousif and Gareth Wilkins. They work on projects in the UK and abroad, with an approach often defined by a forward-thinking curiosity and enthusiasm rather than a particular aesthetic.

London-based agency Greenspace looked to embrace that spirit and desire throughout the practice’s reimagined identity and website. They developed an underlying strategic concept, ‘the power of &’, using playful language to focus on Pilbrow & Partners’ collaborative and open-minded methods. 

The typographic system revolves around straightforward and sizable applications of Swiss Typefaces’ neo-grotesque sans serif Suisse Int’ l. It’s also used for the logotype, which features a bespoke ampersand drawn from two of the typeface’s ‘P’s to represent ‘Pilbrow’ and ‘Partners’. The typography comes together with a seemingly endless palette of vibrant tones, resulting in an identity system that feels distinctly against the grain for an architecture firm.

Typeface: Suisse Int’ l by Swiss Typefaces

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